Trick or Treat?

Halloween is upon us. A night that most people look forward to. A night where people make strange noises, witch like laughter, wolf like growls and constant ringing of the doorbell and shouting TRICK OR TREAT. A fun night for people, but if you were to ask your pet I would bet it is not much fun for them. Halloween is second only to Independence Day for causing stress to our pets. It is a night that we see an increased number of “escapes” resulting in lost dogs and cats. Fear Anxiety and Stress can go through the roof if we are not careful to protect our 4 legged friends.

Look at the evening festivities through their eyes and ears. Keep them safely away from the front door if trick-or-treaters will be visiting. You can reduce the chance of escape and keep anxiety lower if you have a safe comfortable room away from the noise prepared for them. Play soft music or a TV at low volume. Give a cat a box he can use to hide if he feels stressed. Using calming pheromones can work wonders on anxious pets, and if your pet experiences something close to “night terrors” during this busy evening sometimes medications can help reduce fears.

So this Halloween enjoy the ghosts and goblins but keep your furry friends cozy and safe away from all that goes bump in the night!