Dog breath

As soon as you hear the words “Dog Breath” very powerful images (and odors) come to mind. Bad breath in dogs means a build up of tarter, plaque and bacteria. Dental disease has a significant negative impact on the health and life span of your dog or cat. By the age of three many dogs and cats have enough dental disease to cause pain, bone loss and severe gingivitis. Teeth can loosen, crack, or become abscessed at their roots, and the bacteria on decaying teeth can cause kidney or heart problems. By the time you smell “dog breath” it is too late to brush away the problem.

Anesthesia, x-rays and a complete mouth exam are the only way to get to the bottom of many pet dental problems. At Victor Vet Care we use the safest anesthesia possible with constant monitoring of your pet’s vital signs. We use digital dental x-rays to give us the fastest information about the health of tooth roots. Our highly skilled staff completes the exam, cleaning and any procedures necessary quickly and safely. Your pet will go home with a healthy mouth and fresher breath!

The next time your dog gives you a “kiss” take a peek under those lips, they could be hiding a painful disease. Give us a call at Victor Vet Care to schedule an exam or dental cleaning, we are always glad to help. 585-398-7373