Give me your heart

Just don't make it chocolate!

With Valentine's Day just around the corner chocolate is on the mind of many people.  Every year we celebrate the holiday with every kind of chocolate that can be imagined, and every year veterinary hospitals see a spike of visits that start with the dog feasting on our hearts.  CHOCOLATE IS TOXIC TO DOGS.  Dogs metabolize chocolate to a substance that causes excitability, rapid heart rate, seizures and can cause death.  Even if a dog does not eat enough chocolate to cause toxic symptoms the foil wrappers can cause GI distress ( think vomiting and diarrhea) and possibly obstruction.

Now, before you panic, stop and take a breath.  If your dog only takes a bite or two of the chocolatey good stuff they will probably be ok. But if you see any symptoms like restlessness, salivation, hyperactivity or vomiting you should call your veterinarian immediately. 

Valentine's Day is for people because dogs will always give you their heart.  Remember, give them your heart not your chocolate!