Cats first or First Cats?

Dogs in the White House seem to get all the attention but did you know there have been many First Cats roaming the halls of the presidents house? And why not...cats have many qualities that we all admire in great leaders:

  • Strong independance
  • Fierce loyalty when it is in their best interest
  • Curiosity, truth seekers
  • Intrepid hunters
  • Indifferent, secret keepers
  • Stately, diplomatic

Besides these admirable traits cats are also affectionate and playful.  They can reduce anxiety and blood pressure in humans just by petting them.  And of course how can you forget the hypnotizing sound of a happy cat purring!!!!  It just makes you forget all your troubles.

The first cat in the White House belonged to Abraham Lincoln.  After that, presidents Hayes, Roosevelt, Wilson, Coolidge, JFK, Ford, Carter, Clinton and Bush all had feline friends to tell their secrets to in the halls of the White House.  So the next time you hear all the fuss over a presidential dog, remember cats have also held the trust of many of the most powerful men in the world.