Baby, it's cold outside!

WOW, What a winter we are having in western NY.  Today's high will be a balmy 2 degrees.  That reminds me of a quote from a Christmas movie... "This weather's not fit for man nor beast"

Nobody needs to be reminded that it is cold outside, but there are some things we should all try to remember about pets when it is this bitter cold. 

  • Even with fur coats animals feel the cold; toes and ear tips can gets frostbitten.
  • Check between your dogs toes when they come in from the snow, snowballs get easily packed in those spaces and can cause continued discomfort even after they are inside.
  • Consider shoveling a path in the snow for dogs who go outside, nobody wants to do their business with snow touching their delicate parts.
  • Outdoor cats need a place to get out of the driving wind and a source of unfrozen water.
  • After walks wipe down your dog's feet.  The slush and salt can damage feet, mouths, and cause upset stomachs.
  • Some dogs (and even some cats) LOVE the winter weather, just know when to say when!  If the temperature is below 20 degrees watch them closely, and ALWAYS bring them in if they show you signs of discomfort no matter what temperature.

And always remember that there is nothing better than snuggling up with your cat or dog to make you feel cozy and warm inside.