Our first week

It has been a long year of hard work and twists in the road but WE ARE OPEN!  I am so blessed by all the support I have had over the last year and it still continues.  Now it is my turn to support all of you and your fur babies.  It has been an amazing first week, so many visitors, triumphs with patients and being able to practice veterinary medicine my way.  I am so energized by the positive reviews, and I look forward to an even busier week next week!

One of my favorite things (it is hard to pick one) about our hospital are the patient trees.  Each side of the hospital has a tree on the wall.  There are only a few "leaves" on them now.  Every new patient that comes in gets a paw print sticker with their name on it to stick on the tree.  As the practice grows so will the tree.  I can't wait to see the trees bloom with patients.  Stop in and take a look!