Practicing Fear Free

 I am so excited to bring such a wonderful service to my community.  Practicing Fear Free methods means separate cat and dog waiting and exam rooms.  It means calming music and aromatherapy.  It means LOTS of treats to help keep our friends happy and distracted.  It means a softer rubber floor for older arthritic dogs.  For some people this will seem like a lot of frill, but for many patients it will be the first time they have been to see a veterinarian and not left terrified.  

This has truly been an amazing week.  I had at least 3 patients this week who were nervous coming into the hospital and they all left much more comfortable and had full exams and treatments while they were here.  Fear Free methods really work!

This is how I have always wanted to practice veterinary medicine: top notch medicine and service while having fun and making my patients happy.  Visitors are always welcome to stop in, but please make an appointment if you are bringing your furry friends.  We can wait to meet you!